Books I Wrote:

Emmi in the City: A Great Chicago Fire Survival Story

Capstone Publishing, 2019

Although Emmi has lived in Chicago for two years, she finds it hard to love her adopted city. As a German immigrant in the early 1870s, she’s often teased by her America-born peers. But when the Great Fire breaks out on October 8, 1871, Emmi and her enemies find themselves braving the smoke and flames together. Can Emmi and the others survive the danger to escape the burning city? Readers can learn the real story of the Great Chicago Fire from the nonfiction back matter in this Girls Survive story. A glossary, discussion questions, and writing prompts are also provided.

“…a gripping storyline. Although all three primary characters are white, Alikhan does explore prejudices immigrants faced along with tensions between religious groups. An author’s note further explains that the Great Fire had a way of equalizing everyone. Tragedy often brings unity. . . .Fast-paced intrigue, especially for reluctant readers; there may be a plethora of survival stories, but this one doesn’t disappoint.” —Kirkus Reviews

The Mermaid

Coming Soon from Reycraft Books, in 2020

Jake Maddox: Glacier Hiking/Sea Kayaking

Coming Soon from Capstone Publishing, in 2020

Books I Wrote and Illustrated:

Pied Piper of Austin

Pelican Publishing, 2009

The people of Austin, Texas, had a serious problem. Everywhere they went, the bats went, too. In this regional adaptation of the popular fairytale, the Pied Piper of Austin helps the city get its bat situation under control.

“The story can be followed through the imaginative text and beautiful color illustrations of talented author/artist Salima Alikhan.” –Midwest Book Review

“This book is beautiful both in storyline and illustrations.” –

Books I Illustrated:

Pieces Of Another World

Arbordale, 2005

by Mara Rockliff, Illustrated by Salima Alikhan

Pieces of Another World was vetted for scientific accuracy by the education department at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Facilities and has been endorsed by members of the American Meteor Association, the Miami Planetarium and the Von Braun Astronomical Society.

This touching story of a father and child’s nighttime excursion to watch a meteor shower is told through the eyes of a child in awe of the night world. Rockliff’s vivid descriptions make readers feel as though they too are watching the tiny bits of other, distant worlds blazing into our own. The For Creative Minds section includes teaching trivia about meteors, meteor showers, comets, and asteroids as well as a Meteor Math game, a Five Steps to a Fantastic Meteor Watching Party checklist, and a recipe for comet cookies.

  • 2006 NAIBA Picture Book of the Year nominee
  • 2006 Texas Bluebonnet Reading Award nominee

Rocky Mountain Night Before Christmas

Pelican Publishing – 2007

by Joe Gribnau, Illustrated by Salima Alikhan

“The Rocky Mountains come alive on a cold Christmas Eve as a cowboy makes his way home. Upon arrival, he spies a big, fat red feller on the rooftop of his cabin and lassoes the suspected cattle rustler. Ordinarily, fate would have dictated dire consequences, but childhood memories reveal the stranger as Santa Claus and the two reunite. A new twist on Clement C. Moore’s classic Christmas poem, this book plays off of its Rocky Mountain setting and the drawling dialect characteristic of the area. Rocky Mountain Night Before Christmas is a welcome addition to any collection of Christmas tales and legends.” —New York Times Book Review

Lawyer's Week Before Christmas

Pelican Publishing – 2010

‘Twas a week before yuletide and things were asunder within the law office of Bluff, Bluster, and Blunder. This attorney-oriented parody of the popular poem focuses on large fees, paralegals, and torts–all in good fun. The lawyers at this firm proudly proclaim, “Merry Christmas to all! We do slips and falls here!”

“Polly Brown’s name may gain her international fame. Attorney Joseph Justice provides a lighthearted spoof of Bluff, Bluster, and Blunder’s Christmas week dilemma, deadlines, deliberations, and debatable decisions to be made in client Polly’s case. The author’s wit and wisdom to satirize in a playful, amiable manner this drama of Polly’s possibly poetic injustice grips the attention of the reader. The serious matter here is handled in a nonsensical, colorful banter of jest and as a warm, humorous comedy. Many readers will have opposing views as to whether Polly Brown’s firm, BB&B, was lawyer-like, unlawyer-like, or outlawyer-like!” —Braswell Deen, Jr., retired chief judge, Georgia Court of Appeals

“It would be a crime not to add this to your law library or home collection. It is a humorous tongue-in-cheek take on torts. It is written by a lawyer and proves the old adage ‘It takes one to know one.'” —Patrick H. Head, district attorney, Cobb Judicial Circuit

“This is the perfect lighthearted holiday spoof for lawyers and for all those who love them or hate them!” —Scott Hawkins, CEO, Hawkins Companies